The 5 most severe floods in the world record in its history

1. China (1931) – Yangtze River Flood

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In China, there had been the most terrible natural disaster in 1931. And it is recorded as the most terrible natural disaster in history. The Yangtze River is overflowing with enormous and immersive many inhabitants around it. It is estimated that around 4 million people died because of the flow of rivers. This was due to storms and typhoons that would hit the Chinese area causing the Yangtze River to overflow and kill millions of lives. Really terrible!

2. Venezuela (1999) – Flooding due to high rainfall

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North of Venezuela suffered a very heavy rain for days. This resulted in a lot of overflowing rivers, not to mention the high ocean waves. This disaster became terrible after a lot of people who could not save themselves because it was isolated. occurred in the middle of December 1999. About tens of thousands of people died and some were lost until they could not be found. Due to this flood, the city area in northern Venezuela suffered very severe damage. Many tall buildings eventually collapsed and flattened with the ground. Losses are estimated to reach 3.5 billion dollars.

3. Thailand (2011) – Flood due to typhoon

Around the year 2011, one of the countries in the Malacca Peninsula region of Thailand experiencing a monsoon season that is usually light rain, unlike this time it rained very heavily in a storm that is so big. resulted in the coastal waves being large, and the rivers began to overflow making millions of people to evacuate. About 2.3 million people should leave their homes. As for the death toll there sekitar730 people. Not stop here alone, millions of hectares of rice terraces ready to harvest also disappear instantly. Losses are estimated to reach 1,440 billion baths. After the flood of Thailand directly faced the economic crisis even though it could quickly overcome.

4. India (2013) – Flood in Uttarakhand

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In the year 2013, the state of Uttarakhand, India suffered a very heavy rain. Even the intensity reaches 4 times the usual monsoon rain. This resulted in Chorari glacier in the melted mountain. In addition, the current river continues to rise. Flooding cannot be avoided.
About 5,700 people died. Most of the victims were drowned because of the very heavy currents. Tens of thousands of people were trapped in the valleys because of the access to many bridges disconnected. And residents who survived the flood must be willing to evacuate to a higher place or sleep at home that is almost flooded with water. How terrible is this flood disaster!

5. Japan (2015) – Hurricane Etau coming in with heavy rains

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In 2005 Japan was experiencing a flood emergency. The city in northern Tokyo is the town of Joso hit by a terrible flash flood. Flooding that occurs causes many houses to be damaged. The strong water currents can even attract the house and make it to the ground. Japan's government evacuated its citizens. They are sent to nearby towns to get medical treatment immediately. ! There are approximately 400,000 people evacuated to safer areas. The Japanese government has sent dozens of helicopters to transport survivors, they can only silence on the roof of the house waiting for help to come.

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