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Crocodiles have highly feared carnivoran animals. In Indonesia, the crocodile has a place as one of the horrible full of mystical animals. Having a large, sturdy posture and sharp teeth, nails and skin, crocodiles have enough capital as a human aviator. Did you know that crocodile ancestors had a much more frightening posture? How scary? Checked.

A few years ago, an ancient animal fossil was found called Carnufex Carolinensis or Carolina Butcher. Animals similar to crocodiles but can stand up and walk with two legs. Having a length of about 9 feet, it eats in reptile and smaller mammals.

Carnufex skull is slim and long shaped with very sharp teeth as sharp as a knife. The teeth are used for ripping and tearing meat. Carnufex lived in the late period of species before the dinosaurs were extinct about 230 million years ago. 

Carnufex caroliinensis or Carolina butcher has the meaning of the slaughterhouse of Carolina while the use of the word butcher aims to be easier to remember. Said Linsday Zanno A study writer from North Carolina University and the North Carolina Museum of Natural Science.
This finding is quite surprising as it is now known that crocodiles have been long before the dinosaur era. Hopefully useful.

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